obnoxious backpackers

At some point you will have run into them. They’re loud, looking for the next pub crawl, show disdain at the thought of ever going to a chain restaurant and they have an opinion on how to travel the right way. For them traveling is a competition – who spends the least amount of money, who went to the most outrageous location, who is traveling for the longest, who had the lightest backpack, who is most spontaneous, who has the most interesting tattoo, who stayed out the longest. For the most part I have successfully avoided them because I have resting bitch face, enjoy spending time alone and my self-esteem doesn’t need stroking.

But last night’s exciting train ride sent them spiralling into my atmosphere. And for a moment I didn’t mind because there is something about safety in numbers when it comes to facing potential robbers. So there I was agreeing to meet them later for walking tours and pub crawls. But with the rising sun comes the realisation that I would probably rather have one of my teeth removed instead than “hang out”. Luckily enough I ran into M, Swiss Miss who happens to have a knack for languages, while waiting to check into my room. Together we had coffee, walked around the town from Kalemegdan to Saint Savage Temple and had dinner. Just enjoying the city and the company. She was the complete opposite of an obnoxious backpacker.

There is no right way to travel. To travel is a privilege but it does not make you better.

Boy: A suitcase isn’t really backpacking is it?

Girl: I don’t remember saying I was backpacking.

Girl (in head): Frankly I like knowing that I can afford to go to a hotel to avoid people like you if I choose…

saying goodbye

looks good from the outside

it has taken at least two years so far, they expect renovations to take at least another five

art galleries and book shops line the streets

walking the streets


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