escaping the city

The last month has been spent exploring a lot of cities. My routine has pretty much been to do the free walking tour that each city offers, walk around the old town and then find the hipster part of town. Today I thought I would mix up the routine a little to keep things spicy. The hostel I’m staying at, which offers a kickass free breakfast, was doing a tour to Rila Monastery so I decided to join in thinking it would be a good excuse to get out of the city and see some of the green that I saw from the train yesterday.

Not that I got the chance to do any hiking but it was still really nice to get some fresh air. And this Orthodox monastery was amazing to see with incredible details. There were lots of paintings of biblical stories and legends that as a heathen I did not know of. But M, a German girl on vacation before starting her Masters, knew a lot of the stories so she attempted to educate me.

After that I decided to do the walking tour. Which felt way longer than 2 hours, maybe because I felt there wasn’t that much to look at. The Baltic countries were also occupied by the Soviets but they still managed to retain a lot of charm and weren’t badly damaged. However Bucharest and Sofia looked very Soviet. Lots of grey block structures. The churches survived though.


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