We believe in the power of science, exploration, education and storytelling to change the world.

The National Geographic Live series has started up again. These talks remind me that there are people out there who chased after their dream job and because of that they get to see amazing things. The images that we only have saved as our desktop wallpaper are the images they get to experience every day.

Tonight’s speaker was Dr Enric Salau, a marine biologist with a mission to conserve at least 20% of the ocean floor. Perhaps there is something about the Spanish accent but his passion for his mission really came across and he made reefs and fighting climate change sound very sexy.

He has dived in places untouched by other humans and to see the difference that a population as small as 52 could make was really striking. In a reef that has been untouched by humans you’ll see healthy growth of coral, clear waters and an abundance of big fish such as snappers as well as sharks. It’s heartbreaking for me to see what we have done to these places. After observing the reefs he then talks heads of state into conserving these areas. And after hearing his talk I can completely understand how persuasive he might have been.

It’s definitely worth looking up the Pristine Seas mission to stare at the beautiful photos.


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