i wish you had led with that

You: Is that okay?
Me: It’s kind of too late if it’s not, right?
You: lol
Me: *silence*

Ever have someone tell you a fact that would have influenced your initial decision but by then its too late? It sucks!

I’m not very good at pretending to like people I hate. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a decent liar and depending on the circumstance I usually feel very little to no guilt. I just can’t hide my disdain or my mood when I hate someone. So my strategy has always been to avoid people I don’t like and for the most part it works. My excuses are usually lame but it’s still better than the fake smile and holding back the eyeroll as I try to pretend to enjoy a conversation.

So now I’ve agreed to go on a weeklong holiday only to find out that the person I can’t stand is also going along. The cost of the trip is well worth forfeiting for the pleasure of not being around this person I can’t stand. I just need to come up with a lame excuse that works.

For future reference when organising a trip, make sure you know who is going and don’t go with people who have a habit of iniviting people as you go along in the organising process.


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