so quotable

I will think how to live with the new reality and try to come up with a fix.

I received this email today and it seriously made my day. It’s the best work email I have ever received.

34 out of 52: A Walk into the Woods

I was beginning to appreciate that the central feature of life on the Appalachian Trail is deprivation, that the whole point of the experience is to remove yourself so thoroughly from the conveniences of everyday life that the most ordinary things— processed cheese, a can of pop gorgeously beaded with condensation—fill you with wonder and gratitude.

Put simply I’d describe it as a masculine version of Wild – Bill Bryson’s trek on the Appalachian Trail (AT). Without the sex and depression. And without the solitude, because a lot of the journey is revolved around his friend Katz and the trouble they get into. If you have read any of Bryson’s books you’ll know what to expect. His sense of humour is evident in the way he describes his experiences as a novice hiker. There were so many times where I literally laughed out loud while reading this book. He also clearly appreciates history and you can see that in the way he goes into detail about the construction of the trail and its reconstruction and preservation over the years. I have been on sections of the AT so recognising the names of the places he stopped at were also a real thrill for me. He so perfectly captures those moments that hikers appreciate that it made me wish I was off on the trail again.




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