tonight we leave

If you had the choice of knowing of what day you were going to die would you want to know?

I would. I have always been the kind of person who wants to know when the deadline is because that is when all the work gets done. We all live for the future payout, but what if we never end up seeing the gains? What is the point of saving for retirement if you never retire? What is the point of having children if you die before they are old enough to remember you? What is the point of dieting if you never reach your goal weight?

I’ve known this day was coming for months and being here doesn’t make it easier. It’s difficult losing a friend to timezones and distance. If you have to say goodbye you might as well have a banquet, Queen of the Night style.

Queen of the Night is similar to Sleep No More in that they are both of the immersive theatre style where each individual has a different experience. In Queen of the Night though you are given a lot more context. The idea is that the queen is throwing a banquet for her daughter to become a “woman” and you are a guest. As a guest at the banquet you get to experience the food and the entertainment – fire breathing, acrobats and aerialists. You also don’t have to follow the actors around like in Sleep No More. But you still get to wander around the setting and the actors still interact with you.



He was hot...


Amazing feats of strength


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