things i was doing while you weren’t

You don’t need a plan, of what you want to do.

You explained it to me yesterday as: “You’re the kind of girl that lives for the experience regardless of the end result. The kind of person who doesn’t need someone to share those experiences with…”. I never regarded these as problems before but it reminded me of this article about what men wish for in a wife and in a daughter. Independence it turns out is a double-edged sword. As much as you are afraid of clingy, you are also afraid of not being needed.

So at the time I just responded with “that’s okay, I understand” but now I just want to say that while you were waiting to find someone to have your experiences with I just went to a Counting Crows concert. The concert kind of sucked. But I watched the sunset across the Hudson River. I walked home and felt the breeze through my hair. And I watched the kind of people who go to a Counting Crows concert and danced to songs that I didn’t know the name of.

I was never against sharing this experience which led to no end result. In fact I shared it with my friend who was also there for the experience. But you are right, I don’t need someone to share something with me. I want someone who I want to share the experience with.


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