it’s kind of like not being naked at all

For the last few weeks I’ve been psyching myself up to get this tattoo. Okay not the full body sleeve that these guys have, but I am planning on getting a tattoo. So I went to the NY Tattoo Convention where I watched people laying there as they put their trust in the hands of an artist to permanently brand their body. Some were magnificent works of art and others just looked kind of uninspired.

There were tattoo artists from around the world, some piercers and even this procedure where you could get a gem bonded to your tooth. Because that is what you should do to perfectly healthy teeth to make eating and cleaning so much easier. My favourite part of the convention was people watching, and the competitions were eye-opening. This girl had koi and dragons covered over her body and they looked so beautiful that it seemed like she wasn’t naked at all. While I don’t feel a full back tattoo would suit me I found hers to be quite beautiful.

I am still contemplating my own tattoo. It’s going to be three birds in flight, but after seeing these images from one of the artists at the convention, Red Baron Ink, which also happens to be in NY I am reconsidering my options because these are so beautiful.


Red Baron Ink Tattoo


Red Baron Ink Tattoo


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