sailing away

When you walk along Lafayette you will probably miss this black door with the words “The Ship” emblazoned in gold. It is surrounded by closed shutters so from the street it looks like another closed joint. Exactly the kind of place you hope a stranger you meet on the internet is going to take you to. Luckily it was not as shady on the inside as it was on the outside. Very much like a speakeasy with its unassuming exterior it does have a decent menu, a variety of cocktails with cute names and subtle nautical decor.

We ran into owner Steve as we were deciding whether to enter the establishment who bought us our first round, so I suppose I feel less guilty about not paying my share. Although watching this clip reminded me of the time I paid for dinner and it made me think there should just be a mutual agreement to “go dutch”. Not just because I think it’s a feminist issue, but because I would like to avoid the whole awkward experience.

Some like to imagine
The dark caress of someone else
I guess any thrill will do


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