the way things should be

I’ve always prided myself in being the kind of person who “works to live” but tonight I heard from someone who “lives to work” and his enthusiasm makes me wonder if I am missing out on life. This person was Kobie Boykins, a NASA engineer working on the probes and rovers they have sent to Mars – Spirit, Opportunity and Curiosity. It does help that he has an intresting and unique occupation. But he also has a real passion for exploration, science, innovation, all things mechanical and experimentation. As he described the experiments, such as the one where they were testing the parachute could withstand the pressure of the drop, and how they performed and their repetition you could see joy on his face. He was giddy, his face lit up and if there was a couch he would have probably jumped on it. Most people never get to feel that way about their work, and part of me thinks that we’re doing it wrong.

He showed us prototypes of the wheels that had been attached to the rover as well as photos taken from Mars which I have taken from because I can only imagine the view from space. If someday space tourism becomes a viable option you can bet I will be buying a seat on that rocket.


The sun setting on Mars, taken by Spirit


That star in the distance is actually Earth


Curiouser and curiouser. The selfie game is strong with this one. By stitching a lot of photos together Curiosity was able to take this selfie.


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