fuck the penny

At 92Y you get the opportunity to hear some of the greatest minds of our century. Tonight was no different as Stephen Dubner and Steven Levitt, the “Freakonmics” guys, were there being interviewed as they’re promoting “When to Rob a Bank”, their latest book. They shared some of the questions that interested them the most.

Dubner ranted on about how America should get rid of the penny for instance. The fact that Australia got rid of them almost 2 decades ago makes me laugh. There is an argument that people are more likely to buy something that is $9.99 than $10 which is one of the dumbest things I have ever heard. Simply because the value of that one penny you save. What happens with this saving? You can’t buy anything for a penny!

Levitt talked about one of the experiments that was in their book “Think Like a Freak” where they created a website which was really coin flip. People would go in and ask their question like “Should I quit my job?”, then they had to do whatever the website said to do and report if they were happier. They came to the conclusion that people would be happier if they quit more often – jobs, marriages and diets. So if ever in doubt – quit. You’ll be happier soon.

For Cinco de Mayo we walked into a Mexican restaurant but it was loud so we left to get froyo instead. We quit and we were the happier for it. Happy Cinco de Mayo!


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