feels more like summer to me

Just remember, just remember,
After the winter comes the spring
That is when the blue birds starts to sing
And you can always count on this
After the winter comes the spring.

I have a secret…my dad is a hoarder. Luckily he married my mum who is a minimalist otherwise we could have died underneath a pile of books and no one would have known. Growing up I mostly borrowed from libraries because my mum nagged us every time we bought books but my sisters and I could never resist browsing through old bookstores. This time around in NYC I was going to avoid buying books just because I did not want to deal with taking all those books with me. For the most part it’s worked, my Kindle bookshelf is a little out of control.

The Housing Works Bookstore Cafe is one of those bookstores that I have to try to resist. But I would probably justify it by saying it’s for a “good cause” since they help prevent homelessness in those affected by HIV. I probably would not have known about that had I not gone there tonight for their Night School: A Lowbrow Lecture Series event. An entertaining series of educational and light-hearted presentations. They covered obsolete punctuation, the awesomeness of Harry Styles, the epic adventure of Shackleton to Antarctica and one Asian man’s Asian role models in the media. I learned a lot from the obsolete punctuation talk, even though all that information is useless. The talks had their moments, more funny than containing educational material.


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