that’s a long walk

16 out of 52: Walking Home from Mongolia

This is the adventure that follows on from Cycling Home from Siberia. In his last adventure about a third of the way through he met a woman and entered into a two year long-distance relationship before even having a short-distance relationship. Since then they’ve gotten married. Before he can set off on his new adventure he has to ask his wife’s permission. This very reason is why I find long-term relationships so abhorrent. This book should have appealed to me more since I have no desire to get on a bicycle so I was shocked that this book was such a bore. Was it the fact that this time he traveled with a cameraman? Was it the fact that there seemed to be no point? Was it the lack of excitement and the drone of monotony? Was it the fact that I just hated him? Either way, this was a dull read and as he forced himself to write it I also had to force myself to keep reading it.

I’ve seen grown men reduced to little boys as their wives dismiss their deepest dreams as immature nonsense, but here was my wife giving me her permission, knowing the sacrifice.


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