into the darkness

I’m a little lost at sea
I’m a little birdie in a big old tree
Ain’t nobody looking for me
Here out on the highway

In January I was supposed to attend the Adult Sleepover: Night at the American Museum of Natural History but there was soe smoke damage that day and the event was cancelled. I ended up rebooking for April even though planning for an event 3 months away is quite unusual for me. But still it was worth it, and it came with a hefty price tag of $350 per adult.

Buffet dinner and all you can drink champagne, wine and beer – $90
A souvenir t-shirt – $20
A magnet – $3
Spending the evening roaming around almost empty exhibits, having the undivided attention of guides, no kids around and then sleeping under the blue whale – Priceless

I’ve been to the museum a few times now and it’s always so overrun that I never get to see very much. The best time might be to actually go one hour before the museum closes because then you don’t need to buy a ticket and there are generally less people around. So I was really looking forward to being able to wander around all night. Unfortunately all night was only until about 2 am. Because then they turn off the lights and start shooing you back to either the “lunar lounge” where they show bad black and white movies all night or back to the hall where you sleep under with the whale.

I don’t usually pay for the special exhibits but some of those movies are great. I liked the Tiny Creatures 3D movie, you follow the adventure of a chipmunk trying to survive his first winter and a baby grasshopper mouse who leaves his nest for the first time. They also had a nocturnal animals exhibit where they bought in a python, lemur, owl, alligator and hawk. If I had known I wasn’t going to have all night I probably would have spent less time in those exhibits or skipped the reception so I could have more time. But sometimes the detours are the most interesting things. Nell, Kat and I were trying to get from the dinosaur tour to the nocturnal animals but then we ran into a volunteer who let us touch her fossils – some hair from a woolly mammoth, a direwolf skull and a t-rex tooth. So it was a pretty cool reason for being late.


The dinosaurs in the entrance hall


The American mammals exhibit


The Great Hall


The dinosaur exhibit


The nocturnal animals presentation


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