it’s spring somewhere


Washington D.C.

Today has been the most gorgeous day filled with sunshine and blue skies. This is most likely the last time I’ll visit the nation’s capital. I have been spending a lot of time thinking about all the places I still want to visit. There doesn’t seem a better time to do that then heading towards the warmer months as the petals from the blossoms float softly to the ground and are trampled on by the crowd of people wanting to take photos with the flowers.

On the bus ride back home I couldn’t help but think about how the decison by airlines to make seats even smaller is going to affect me. I am a fantastic person to sit next to because I don’t smell offensive and I don’t care about the arm rest. And there are men out there who will take advantage of this. Apparently man spreading no longer applies to just the space between a man’s legs because of his precious appendage. It now applies to a man’s need to puff out his chest and use his elbows to encroach on MY side of the chair. Armrests should become more like physical separators between chairs! If motherfuckers out there don’t know how to use an armrest responsibly then they shouldn’t be allowed to rest their arms on anything. If you need an extra chair for your giant penis and ego, then feel free to buy it an extra seat on the bus.


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