guard up

As someone who has stage fright and has never competed in anything since the third grade which allows an audience to scrutinise me it is difficult for me to understand that people enjoy such competitions, let alone when that competition involves pummeling or being pummeled by your opponent. Not to mention the hours of training required, the dieting and the mental preparation they have to go through in order to compete. Tonight Victory VIII was held at the hall of The Church of St Paul the Divine. God clearly doesn’t have a problem with people beating the crap out of each other for sport. It was here that I watched these athletes go round after round in the ring. With the help of the huge placards I was able to figure out which round we were actually up to.

Some people might say that MMA is too violent, especially since the opening match was between two fifteen year old girls. But it was far less violent than watching an Avengers movie.


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