this ain’t strange


I remember t-shirt weather
I remember some days
We were singing our lungs out
In the back seat together.

Back at the NYU Skirball Center for another segment of the National Geographic Live series, this time with Jodi Cobb one of the first female photojournalists on staff for National Geographic. She’s lived on a hippie commune and she’s entered the heavily veiled world of the geisha. By the time she was 15 she had traveled to 12 countries and lived in Iran. I was 15 the first time I left Australia. When I hear about these experiences, I wonder about the life that I am living. About whether it is even possible for me to grasp life or to achieve even a fraction of what she has managed.

She talked about how it wasn’t until she started working at National Geographic that they stopped having separate dining rooms for men and women. Her ability to enter the world of the geisha and the veiled women of Saudi Arabia was due to the fact that she is a woman but she also spoke about how she was seen as a non-threat or “just” a woman. I’m in awe that she didn’t take no for an answer, faced some of the harshest human atrocities and was able to enter into these worlds and tell their story in such a compassionate manner.

Maybe I didn’t change the world but the world has changed me.


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