the genius and the curious

He said go venture far beyond these shores
Don’t forsake this life of yours
I’ll guide you home no matter where you are.

92Y is a non-profit community, or for-purpose as Adam Braun would say, located in NYC. They always have interesting talks and classes on which I have always wanted to attended but just never found the time.

Tonight I went and saw Malcolm Gladwell and Brian Grazer as they interviewed each other. What it made me realise is that anyone can write or take a photo. But the greats, they do something different. They find that next layer. And listening to them you can understand how they both approach this in order to achieve the same result. Brian does it by pushing the boundaries, asking the questions no one else asks while Malcolm is more about the pure research and the intense listening with very little prodding. Both these styles came across in the way they interviewed each other. Despite these differences there are striking similarities between them, including their similar body mass and hair.

Interesting was that there was very little said about either of their books. They decided that the interview would be filled with them telling stories about people they met such as Michael Jackson and Princess Diana. You learn more about how they became the questioning people that they are through their relationships with their grandmothers but the books are still a mystery to me.


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