like riding a bicycle

“No, I will be riding with a friend.”
“Yes, just one friend.”

You know that saying “fake it till you make it”? That pretty much describes how I learned how to swim. One day I was pretending to swim and the next I was swimming. Learning to ride a bike though? I faked it for a while, but I never quite got the hang of it. When I’m riding down a hill I panic and figure walking my bike would be a safer option. But I have recently become quite intrigued by the journeys of adventurers that have hopped on their bicycle and cycled further than the edge of the park.

13 out of 52: Cycling Home from Siberia

This is an epic three-and-a-half year story in the making of how Rob Lilwall cycles from Siberia to England via Japan, Australia and Afghanistan. I don’t know how you can read a story like this and remain uninspired. I can’t ride a bike but this book makes me want to try. It makes me consider the possibility of traversing the world.

Not every part of this journey is fulfilling and smooth sailing. Rob admits to the fear, the tedium, the uncertainty and his lack of preparation. It’s this honesty that makes this narrative so refreshing. And how poetic is it that a high school geography teacher is traveling around the world?


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