get back on that horse

There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man; true nobility is being superior to your former self.

Austin, Texas

This is my first flight since the incredible tragic crash of the Germanwigs plane. It really has been a bad year in airline history. I didn’t notice any change in attitude towards the flight, especially since I slept through most of it. There was some turbulence and I wonder if anyone had a moment of doubt about whether we would land safely?

Arriving in Austin it all looks pretty normal, not a saloon in sight. I was surprised to learn from the signs around the airport that Austin is actually home to many tech offices. It took me a while to figure out what the signs saying “Keep Austin Weird” actually meant because everything looked so normal.


Roadhouse Relics

I walked down S. 1st to Roadhouse Relics and up S. Congress. It’s not a short walk but along the way you get to see some of the sights which make Austin a little bit weird. Let’s start with Roadhouse Relics filled with eclectic neon art and vintage Americana posters and signage. It’s a really cute gallery and definitely worth a meander through. On your walk there you’ll see on one side some typical suburban homes with signs out the front. They’re actually various stores – art stores, bakeries, funeral homes or cafes. And on the other side you’ll see trailer parks with each trailer catering to long lines of hungry customers who will then set up camp on the picnic tables nearby. These are permanent food festivals available pretty much every day! It’s only a 5km walk but I went into every single store. Along Congress you’ll find vintage stores such as Uncommon Objects selling clothes, books, taxidermied cats, old mint tins, brooms and anything else you can imagine.


Seventh Flag Coffee - decent coffee in your average suburban home.


Gourdough's - doughnuts hidden under layers of syrup and powdered sugar in your average trailer park

As dusk sets the Congress Bridge pathway starts too fill with people waiting for the sun to set as bats emerge from underneath the bridge flying off for their nightly hunt in swirling masses. It was an unusual and loud event.


View from Congress Bridge - my camera phone does not do it it justice


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