who eats fish in the dark?

There have been very few Broadway shows that have completely sold out but by the time I looked for tickets to Fish in the Dark the only ones left were for premium tickets, which are about $300. Tickets on Stubhub weren’t much better, and I have been price stalking for weeks now. I ended up way in the balcony where I got a pretty good birdseye view for a very cool $160. Larry David will end his run in June with Jason Alexander filling in, perhaps tickets will become more accessible?

For fans of Curb your Enthusiasm, this is a must see play. With Larry David playing what seems like his usual neurotic, petty and depressing self. But there is such joy in watching him bantering with Ben Shenkman over their father’s death bed. This family comedy is almost Shakespearean with secrets and mistaken identities abound. Then you throw in some “that is so wrong but so funny” gags such as a dying man trying to grab onto the bimbo’s breasts and for her to exclaim “he’s dying, I didn’t see the harm” and you have yourself the kind of play which doesn’t leave you counting down the minutes.


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