an admission

No need, to give a bunch of lame half excuses.

A half truth is still lie.
I need my space is still goodbye.

At one point my bags were packed and I was ready to leave this joint. I have questioned myself as to why I jumped at the opportunity to stay. I think for the first time today I answered that question honestly. It comes down to my fear that I will not be able to adjust back to life before NY and that I’ll become one of those people who is all “there is no place like NYC”. Will I actually go back to cooking? Will I miss Broadway too much? How long will it take me to get used to another subway system? Dating here sucks, but what will it be like in an even smaller pool? Vietnamese food sucks, but will I find decent Thai, ramen, sushi and pastries?

That is honestly why I have stayed, because I am worried that life will become boring if I’m not surrounded by the unusual.


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