a walk in the park

But it’s almost night time.
And you know that’s the right time,
To dance.

The four hour bus rides to and from D.C. yesterday have left me feeling drained and the best way for me to feel invigorated is with that icy blast of wind to the face. Tomorrow is “walk in the park” day. In case you need an excuse to walk in the park, stop and smell a rose etc.

Now is the best time to enjoy Central Park. It’s not warm enough for the masses to have taken over but not cold enough to have an excuse.

Walking through Central Park makes me feel like I’m in NY without actually being in NY. But I often need to force myself to slow down while I’m walking in the park. It has become natural for me to be annoyed by those who block the footpath or walk at the normal (tourist) speed. So I’m going to try to go for an actual walk to train myself for the day when I leave NYC.


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