let’s go fly a kite

Washington D.C.

Three years ago today my flight landed at JFK to what has become my new “home” and my first step outside of NY were to Washington D.C. over Easter for my cousins’ wedding. She had timed her wedding for the Cherry Blossom Festival but the blossoms had come early that year. It seems fitting that I should be in D.C. again and not see any blossoms, they’re expected around April 11. In fact it was so cold that there were not as many kites as expected for the Kite Festival even though the wind was perfect for kite flying. We flew our panda kite until our hands froze and then we hopped into one of the free Smithsonian museums to defrost our fingers.


The Museum of American History

The Museum of American History had an exhibit on the history of food in America which was really cool and as expected there are also exhibits on the wars that America was a part of. Definitely an interesting museum for someone who didn’t grow up learning all about it.


The National Portrait Gallery

The National Portrait Gallery was less exciting but there are two current exhibits that I did enjoy – Elaine de Kooning and the Time Covers of the 1960s.


Enjoying the company of my non-crying cousin


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