in poor taste

Yesterday there was an explosion in the East Village destroying buildings and injuring some. The point is people lost their homes and their jobs. This morning the media is blasting individuals who were not only taking photos of the incident but were actually taking selfies with the scene in the background. Highly important to let all your followers know that you are at the scene of a tragedy.

One of the buildings that collapsed was the home of the restaurant Pomme Frittes. This isn’t a neighborhood that I usually hang out in but last year I stayed at an airbnb place a few blocks away and I went there for the poutine. For the last week I’d been craving the gravy deliciousness of poutine and this was the only place I knew where to get it, so that had been part of my plan for the weekend. So my first thought when I realised which building had collapsed, was “Where can I get poutine from?” How is that for inappropriate in the face of tragedy?


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