are you living your dream?

I am me. Every day.
Not who I think others expect me to be,
But the real, unedited, beauty-full, perfectly flawed version.
I choose to think for myself.
I speak my truth
And wrestle with life’s tough questions over and over again.
I daydream about a better world and strive to make it my reality.

11 out of 52: I am that girl

A manifesto filled with aphorisms and cliches with the simple message that you need to find what drives you and you need to believe, be prepared, fail, be supported etc in order to achieve your dreams. I enjoyed the anecdotes Alexis Jones and her friends share and her candor but the filler material was fairly fluffy and preachy. She offers advice on how to figure out the best version of yourself that you need to be and it’s like having a conversation with the mentor to wish you had, albeit one who talks a lot.

It did make want to find the time to sit down and ask myself some important questions:
– What is my passion? What drives me? How will I leave my mark on this world?
– Am I too selfish? She mentions that sometimes when pursuing your passion you might let the relationships around you suffer because you aren’t focused on it. I sometimes wonder if that is me.
– Who are my friends? Who should I just let go of because they have a negative impact on my life?


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