play us a song

When I was five I started to play the piano. I was by no means going to make it a career but I have always enjoyed music. As comfortable as I was playing at home or even in front of my teacher my stage fright was also debilitating. I only ever performed once because I couldn’t handle the anxiety. And when it came to exams I felt the same anxiety that I did not feel during a maths exam. After high school I kind of gave up on music. But since then I’ve considered learning the violin but just never gotten my act together.

Juilliard is the Harvard of performing arts schools. And almost every day they have free recitals. It’s a chance for students to showcase themselves and build up their stage presence. And you get an amazing performance. Tonight there was composers recital. A composer must not just know how the notes will translate into sound but how to join all those sounds from different instruments. I have often wondered how many instruments a composer is able to play. Watching the performance of a violin duet has inspired me to reconsider learning to play the violin again.


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