get off your butt

How do you soften the thought of carrying coffins?

They’re predicting this is the last snowfall of the winter and that spring is around the corner. Especially since the forecast next week is going to be above zero, possibly rain but it’s still positive. So you might as well get out there and enjoy the last of the falling snow.

But the arrival of spring means we’ll have to stop using the weather as an excuse. Because it’s easy to blame the cold and the snow for all the following even though the weather does not make it impossible:

Not exercising
The streets are slicked with ice, so why risk an injury trying to exercise? But there are a multitude of other ways to get your endorphins, the crossfit/hot yoga/pole dancing phases really prove that. Yet the need to rush home straight after work and stay there is one I am very familiar with.

Not dating
It’s easy to talk yourself out of it during the winter when you know you have to put on like 5 different layers. But dating in the summertime is nice. Rooftop bars are open and you can actually be outside and your cute dress isn’t hidden under all those layers.

Not shaving your legs
The best part of winter fashion is being able to wear tights to cover those unshaven legs. OkCupid asks “do women have an obligation to shave their legs”, and the correct answer should be NO. Unless you do not know what the meaning of obligation is. I prefer my legs to be nice and smooth too but it’s a lot of effort that is pretty much wasted during the winter.


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