freaky friday moment

But my intellect gets its ass kicked by my imagination.

I’ve always envied the lives of the photographers of National Geographic magazine. They get to travel on these amazing adventures and they get to see firsthand parts of nature that most of us will never see – trekking through jungles, climbing mountains, jumping out of planes and diving in oceans.

I missed the first part of the National Geographic Live series, a talk with wildlife photographer Paul Nicklen. The photos he has up on Instagram are amazing, unfortunately I was on my own wildlife quest at the time. But the second part was with Carsten Peter, he chases after extreme natural occurrences like volcanoes and hurricanes. He talked about his near miss at he climbed up into a lava lake and he also shared his personal experiences with Tim Samaras, a storm chaser who died in a hurricane. He was very articulate and passionate about his chosen profession and taking that perfect photo. It’s difficult not to feel envious about someone who has found what they’re good at and enjoys it.


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