get out there

We have finally bid the coldest February in New York for the past 80 years goodbye. While the stores are trying to tell us that spring is around the corner it definitely doesn’t feel that way.

The cold is not ideal but I still love winter. I love walking through fresh snow as snowflakes landing on my eyelashes and then standing next to the heater and looking out at the window feeling as if I live inside a snow globe. Looking out at the city of New York and not seeing another human being is rare.

I was supposed to have a date today but suggested a place far from where he lives…with hopes that he’d cancel because I’d already cancelled a bunch of times because of the weather so I didn’t want to be the one to do it.
Then he asked to reschedule.

The joys of dating in winter. I don’t miss those days at all. The putting on of a cute outfit just to cover it up in an ugly but practical down jacket. The idle chitchat where my brain drifts and thinks “I left my heated apartment for this?” There is so much more out there than alcohol and the same old bar.




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