don’t stray

Today I went to a screening of the documentary “Cathedrals of Culture” following by Q&A with director Wim Wenders. I find architecture to be fascinating – the styles that define a neighborhood or a city, or the uniqueness of a building that stands out from the crowd. This documentary was a series where each director chose a building and created a 3D movie from the perspective of the building. The sections they showed today were:

  • Berlin Philharmonic Opera House
  • Russian National Library
  • Halden Prison

It was a chance to see parts of the building you wouldn’t get to see and from a different perspective.

My favourite was the Berlin Opera House. It looks like a giant circus tent on the outside and the orchestra plays in the centre just as if they are they were performing in the ring. But the building which surprised me the most was Halden Prison, the most humane prison in the world. It was not what I expected from a prison – guards on scooters, inmates going to the shop and having their family spend the night. It was fascinating, I am going to have to try and see the other half of this documentary someday.

I gotta have
Roots before branches.
To know who I am
Before I know
Who I wanna be.


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