a happy new year to you

Chinatown should be avoided at the best of time let alone on a Sunday morning during dim sum rush hour, 11 to 1. Throw in the fact that it is also Chinese New Year and you will soon regret the fact that you are walking through slushy streets to stand in slushy puddles to wait for the parade to go by. There were some lions dancing, kids dressed up as little lambs and a dragon to finish it off.

27 Sunshine was packed, which is always a good sign of a decent dim sum place. We had to share our table with another group and we were pushed so far into the back it was difficult to get the attentions of the waitstaff. We soon figured out our problem was turning up to dim sum for Chinese New Year without little red envelopes, huge faux pas. Dumplings were fresh and the har gow had those plump prawns and it turns out cheap. It’s probably been the best yum cha place I’ve been to in New York.


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