apples and oranges

I let you set the pace.
Cause I’m not thinking straight.
My head’s spinning around.
I can’t see clear no more.
What are you waiting for?

I haven’t read 50 Shades of Grey. I was made aware of certain lines from this Jimmy Fallon clip and that convinced me I should not support the author by paying $5 to buy this book. So I can’t comment on the story but I could tell that the writing would be pure crap. So I had no expectations going in to see the movie. There are a lot of reviews out there about how the movie isn’t loyal to BDSM, sexy or well-written. My opinion is that the movie was better written than the book. Which doesn’t mean that I loved the movie, it just means I think the movie is being unfairly judged as a crap movie when it is really based on an even crappier book. I did however enjoy the soundtrack to the movie.

Afterwards we watched Kingsman – comedy, Colin Firth, action and spies. I don’t expect it to win any awards at the Oscars but it was a fun movie to watch. Especially since I spent most of 50 Shades wishing I had read the book so I knew when the movie was finally going to end.


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