still in holiday mode

The presidents of USA have decided to extend my vacation by giving us a public holiday. It’s nice to put off doing work for just one more day.

Yesterday I watched a documentary at Symphony Space on the history of General Tso’s Chicken. I am not a huge fan of Chinese food but my preference would be for dumplings and Peking Duck. Otherwise, it is not really the cuisine I crave and seek out. Although years watching Gilmore Girls made me think that I should love Chinese food more. Americans love Chinese food and this was a documentary tracing the origins of Chinese food in America and its evolution to suit American tastes. I decided to give Chinese food another shot and ordered this popular dish and it was pretty boring – fried chicken with a sweet sauce that has some spice but it doesn’t have any real heat even though I asked for “very spicy”.

This documentary did point me to a restaurant, Shun Lee Palace, which credits itself as bringing this dish to America. While looking through their menu I found “three glass chicken”. About 3 years ago as I was leaving Brisbane we went out for Chinese food where we had this dish called “three cup chicken” and every time I mentioned it to Chinese people they would look at me like I made it up.


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