girly day

A friend organised a Galentine’s Day brunch at Dudley’s where I got myself an Aussie-style burger. It came with pineapple and beetroot, although they were kind of stingy on the beetroot. I had my burger with two flat whites. The food was fantastic. I would definitely go back to try The Big Breakie. And sometimes it’s nice to have a girly day.

Books are the plane, and the train, and the road. They are the destination, and the journey. They are home.

7 out of 52: Wild
I managed to finish reading it before seeing the movie! The writing felt honest, revealing unsavoury parts of her past, her ineptitude and doubt. It didn’t feel flippant or self-deprecating, just very matter of fact. This is her journey from the moment she finds out her mother is dying, to her complete collapse and to the point where she gets back up. As I was reading about her prying off her toenails I cringed as I remembered the moment when my friend pried off one of her toenails at work. Her descriptions of her blisters and the changing weather all made me nostalgic for being on the trail. I felt inspired by her determination to want to attempt a similar trip someday. Perhaps not the Pacific Crest Trail, but the kind of trail that goes on for days.


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