as far south as you go

From downtown Ushuaia you can see the Martial Mountains of Tierra del Fuego, the most southernmost national park. And one of the places I still wanted to visit in South America. I walked the Sendra Costera, a 4 mile trail, which weaves along the Ensanada Bay and offers views of the Andes.


Canelo Tree

We didn’t see much fauna out there apart from horses that ran away from farms. But we saw a few different types of flora such as the Canelo Tree. The bark is used to smoke fish to give it a peppery flavour but the actual peppers are banned in Chile.


Statue by the bay

I could walk along the bay and around this tiny downtown all day. The wind feels amazing as it threads through my hair and brushes against my face.


Street art covering the post office that used to be a prison

In this tiny little town I feel incredibly safe; it’s difficult to imagine that this was a place where they sent their worst criminals – to a prison at the end of the world.


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