i feel sad

Ushuaia, Argentina

And so the expedition ends. Now I’m on the shore and I can see the ship getting ready to leave on its next trip. While I know that the chances I will go back to Antarctica are slim it still makes me sad to think about not going back there. Or maybe just the idea that this is the beginning of the journey for some people. They’ll get to experience it all for the first time. And for me the journey is over.

Because I’m a sucker for pain I got into a catamaran after being on land for less than 6 hours to sail around the Beagle Channel where I saw sea lions, cormorants, a lighthouse that they tell tourists it the southernmost lighthouse because the actual one can’t be reached by commercial vessels.


King Crab for dinner

6 out of 52: Yes Please

I haven’t seen Parks and Recreation and I’ve only seen snippets of Amy Poehler’s work but what struck me about the book was that I am intimidated and in awe of her ambition, humour and niceness. I would also like to apply for the position of her best friend. And the way she writes, she also come across as incredibly humble about her experiences. And her advice was incredibly honest.

He handed me a rope and it was up to me whether I would climb it or use it to hang myself.


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