make a wish

Drake Passage, Southern Ocean

The hardest part about moving away from family and friends are the milestones you miss and the milestones you celebrate by yourself. Sure, you celebrate with the small group of friends that you do have but how is that different from celebrating with strangers? So I knew when I booked my trip that I would be on holidays for my birthday. My roommate, Julie, made it her mission to let everyone know it was my birthday. At breakfast, on the bridge, lunch, award ceremony and dinner.

Turning 30 doesn’t feel so bad. There’s still so much more I want to achieve so I will continue to live but there is so much I have achieved that I don’t feel completely depressed about my life.


C’mon and lift the fog, my birthday girl.
The rains came, turned all the hills green,
Turn the dirt to flowers, birthday girl


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