just cruising

Paradise Bay, Antarctica

We’re traveling through the Gerlache Strait surrounded by amazing landscape of mountains and icebergs. Oue first landing this morning was at Brown Station an Argentine Summer Station, at Paradise Bay. It’s a popular destination for tourists, all 25,000 of them annually, to climb up to the viewpoint and then human bobsled down. We cruised up to Skontorp Cove glacier where we saw a sailboat sitting in the bay. I couldn’t help but wonder how they stayed warm in there. This cove was exactly how I imagined Antarctica – barren, crisp, glaciers, black ice, snow, icebergs, penguins.

In the afternoon we were supposed to cruise around Diamond Bay and Melchior Islands but there was an accident and five people were thrown out of the zodiac into the water. Everyone was fine, I imagine it was just a really rude shock since they weren’t in the water for long.

6 out of 52: What Alice Forgot

Soon I’ll be celebrating my 30th birthday so the story of a woman who is getting ready to celebrate her 40th birthday hitting her head and waking up thinking that is she is turning 30 definitely got my imagination working overtime. Within a decade her life changed completely – three kids, divorce, her sister’s fertility issues, her job. And she had lost all memory of that. I really enjoyed this book. It was well written (by an Australian), complex and entertaining. It also made me wonder about how my life will change in the next decade.


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