sealed with a kiss

Hydrurga Rocks and Culverville Island, Antarctica

In the morning we landed near Two Hammocks, on a place called Hydrurga Rocks. We had to wade through a lot of snow to see the Antarctica Fur Seal and the Weddell Seal, the seal with a happy face. Julie and I spent a lot of time trying to jump in the snow.

At Culverville Island we saw Gentoo penguins for about 5 minutes before we had to get back into the zodiacs because of bad weather. The sea was really rough and on our trip back we saw a whale breach the surface about 5 metres away from us. So I was in the ocean at the same time as a whale! Clearly a lot of excitement. While we on the island Bean decided to take a chunk of ice from an iceberg which we had with some whiskey. I have now drunk whiskey with glacier rocks and iceberg rocks. When you listen to your glass of whiskey it hisses at you as the air escapes.


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