on a big boat

Ushuaia, Argentina

I’ve been on ferries, row boats, canoes, kayaks, rafts but never on the kind of boat that you sleep on. It’s a little too late but I’m kind of freaking out as I get ready to board the boat. Similar to being on an airplane I will be relinquishing all control and for all I know I could end up on the bottom of the Southern Ocean.

Caught a taxi into Ushuaia with James, a Brit I met at the airport who was traveling with a friend who had been robbed on their layover in Buenos Aires. They’re supposed to be headed off on a sailboat on Tuesday to Antarctica. I can only imagine how strenuous that will be. Perhaps emboldened by the book I just finished reading or my romantic notions about mountaineers and sailors but I suggested we go find somewhere that would serve coffee. We had a great time at The End of the World. For a moment I forgot my anxiety about getting on a boat and felt anxious instead about making the first move. There are many moments in life which are disappointing in a life but kissing a good looking stranger and realising they’re not very good at it has to be up there on the list. I can however tick off making out with a stranger in a foreign country off my bucket list.

Eventually I put my anxiety aside and boarded boat along with 87 other passengers from 22 countries. I’m sharing a cabin with Margaret a teacher from Taiwan and Julie who works in the army from Hobart. We are the Single Ladies cabin. Also met Joseph and Kate from Melbourne, Kate is a Medical Photographer so she takes cool photos for research journals. Maurice from Paris who is kind of strange. Bean from South Korea, who has traveled a lot and this is what he is referring to as his last moment of freedom because he’s about to get married. It’s more in the way that he talks about it that reflects a child’s mentality. So there’s some interesting people so far.

Now the boat is currently setting sail through the Beagle Channel towards open waters.

5 out of 52: What I was doing while you were breeding

This was a really interesting read. And honest. And in the end she got a happy ending. Not because she found love and a man. But because she didn’t have to give up her love of traveling, she found someone who wanted her to take him on adventures as well. There were definitely moments where I wanted to shake her and say “what are you thinking?” Also the writing was almost like something that was written in a child’s journal in the way everything was recounted. But I write like a child’s recount so I don’t say this from any high horse.

I wanted love, but I also wanted freedom and adventure, and those two desires fought like angry obese sumo wrestlers in the dojo of my soul.


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