pushed to the limits

I’ve bought a few last minute tickets on Stubhub but tickets for Elephant Man have been ridiculous. Perhaps it’s the draw of Bradley Cooper. But I managed to get official tickets on the website for cheaper than the ones listed on Stubhub. So that’s my rant about Stubhub.

4 out of 52: Tomorrow, when the war began

My mind is thinking about technique and my heart is feeling the passion of the music. So I suppose it’s the same as life. You’ve got to have both.

While my sister was visiting we watched the movie and I decided it was about time that I read the book. I am not sure how I feel about a bunch of kids deciding to create an army and the idea of going on holiday and coming back to find the world as you know it has changed strikes a nerve with me. I’m about to get on a boat without internet access for 11 days, and I checked that T-Mobile does not cover Antarctica. I wonder if the world will have changed within that time or if World War III started.

4 out of 52: Eat & Run
This was an inspirational read. I haven’t been inspired to become a vegan but he definitely reminds me of what I enjoy about a ultramarathons and he doesn’t sugar coat his competitive nature. I appreciate the commraderie of the sport as well as how completely insular you can be out on the trail. He is clearly passionate about what he does and enjoys pushing his body to the limits. Some of it is a little gross. But he writes about it in a way that is easy to read.

“You only ever grow as a human being if you’re outside your comfort zone.”


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