a year on ice

Antarctica: A Year on Ice has been playing at Symphony Space. It’s a documentary that takes you from the summer months when the research bases are filled with scientists and the sun is up 24 hours of the day to the winter months when the snow storm is so bad that the snow ends up inside the building and the nights are endless. Visually spectacular often with eerie silence, amazing timelapses and educational. It was pretty intense. Physically I don’t think I could hack the winter in Antarctica, but mentally I could probably survive the isolation and darkness as long as I was stuck with emotionally stable individuals.

Now I’m feeling anxious about my trip to Antarctica. In one week I’ll be aboard a boat headed to the unknown. While watching the documentary I felt excited and nervous about all the scenes I would soon see with my own eyes. Antarctica is the kind of place you visit where you don’t plan. There’s no hotel to book, no local cuisine or sights to research. You just pack your bag and go and let nature work its miracle.

The odds are good but the goods are odd.


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