it’s kind of flat

I told you to run so we’d both be free.

What is a flat white?
The short answer is, an espresso with steamed milk. The long answer is, less foam and less milky than a latte consisting of two shots. Served in a smaller cup (not a venti) with some coffee art, if a university coffee cart can manage it then what is Starbucks excuse?

My daily coffee consumption now comes from Ground Central where I get a latte and an extra shot. I don’t mind the milky texture, I like the espresso kick it delivers without tasting burnt. They are definitely one of the best American coffee shops I’ve been to. Not long after lunch I usually start jonseing for my next hit and because it’s winter I’ll go downstairs into Starbucks. My experience with Starbucks is that if you order your coffee too weak all you get is milk, but order it too strong and all you taste is burnt coffee grounds that’ll make you wish you had some quality coffee beans you could crunch on to get rid of the foul taste in your mouth. Around Christmas time I would order a gingerbread latte with an extra shot because the syrup disguised the burnt taste. But now that it’s over I need an alternative. Alas the flat white is not it. Earlier this week Starbucks unveiled the “flat white” complete with a latte dot. When I first got to the US I wondered if perhaps they forgot to put espresso in and I was actually just drinking steamed milk. The flat white at Starbucks is no exception. I wish Starbucks would bring back the gingerbread latte! Or Ground Central would move closer to my office building.


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