passions arrived unannounced and ended explosively, like car bombs.

2 of 52: The Orchid Thief

My childhood was filled with books and getting through books was always relatively easy. I had all the time in the world and I was far less judgemental and critical. Now the constraints of times means I find an uninteresting book difficult to struggle through. I was supposed to struggle through this book for a book club, but I didn’t finish it on time.

The main theme of consuming passion should have appealed to me. But I did not find Laroche or Orleans to be likeable. There are moments where the history behind orchid hunting was really interesting but I found the writing to be extremely forced. Like a school kid forced to write an essay with a lot of ideas but hasn’t managed to string those ideas together well.

That’s what started my life of adventure. I knew I never wanted to be the one left on the shore.


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