inherent vice, part two

When I saw that there was an art exhibit for Inherent Vice I just knew I had to go. This movie still eludes me. After this art exhibit I feel I have more questions than answers.

The Ace Hotel has really interesting decor and the artwork definitely adds something unique, and this exhibit fit right in with the rest of the hotel’s vibe. The exhibit was in the gallery down in the basement and when you enter into a room you feel like you’re in Doc’s living room – hazy, dark, psychedelic soundtrack with a glowing corner light. All that was missing was a lava lamp and Shasta leaning up against the door frame. The art left me as confused as the movie but I appreciated the way we were led around the gallery as the spotlight hit each piece that we were to examine next. And while I examined I just wanted someone to explain to me what this was all about. Perhaps it is because I am too removed from this era to understand the significance of what I was observing.


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