changing your spots

The holiday season is all about that food. Usually with family and friends involved as well. I would have thought that a restaurant called “Spotted Pig” would serve a lot of bacon. Alas this was not the case. We all agreed that the standout dish was the plate of five vegetables. Drowned in garlic and butter is the best way to eat vegetables. They were really busy and I am pretty sure we undertipped for slow service. But it wasn’t until I got home that I realised by how much.

My pet hate is when you’re out with friends and they try to split the bill. When someone has ordered a salad and not gotten the dessert and drink they should not have to pay the same amount as the person who ordered several drinks. I am usually somewhere in the middle so it rarely makes a difference to me. But in a group there is always someone who isn’t good at math who tries to get everyone to just split or pays less because they have not taken tax and tip into account. If everyone gives a “rough estimate” and then rounds down of course we’re going to end up short. This is why I always round up. I always end up being responsible for the calculations but I always feel rude saying “oi, you need to put in an extra $10 for the tax and tip” and before I know it I’m short $10. This might be always why I get stuck with the bill but despite hating the tipping process I always overcompensate when it comes to tipping.


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