moving on


This year I made it through 3 months of my resolution. Perhaps my 6 months of traveling can be used to offset my three months of nothingness. Life (or shit) happens! Last year went so much better.

My resolution for 2015 is no more online dating. It is amazing how many dates one can go on in 6 months and how many of them can reinforce what a complete waste of time it is because I ended up drinking more alcohol than I even liked and not having time for myself. And randomly judging people onto the swipe left or right categories. It’s a complete time suck.

It sounds stupid but this resolution is important because I plan to fill up all my time by:
* taking a new classes, maybe I’ll discover a talent I didn’t know existed.
* learn Spanish. I spent enough time in South America this year and still can’t speak Spanish.
* volunteering to a cause once a quarter. I have been talking about it for a long time and now I won’t be able to use the “no time” excuse.
* get back into shape for an ultramarathon. I would like to do another one either next year or the year after so here goes.
* traveling to a new city each month. Why mess with a good thing?
* read more – aiming for a book a week.

For 2015 I’m going to be more selfish and uncompromising with my time. I feel like towards the end of this year I lost that part of myself. Bring on 2015! I can’t wait to break out the new diary.


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