if you’re backwards then today is 12-13-14

Ohhh mysterious. But if you read the date the correct way then today is 13-12-14 which is less exciting. It could be the last sequential date of your lifetime, unless you plan on being alive in 88 years and 21 days.

This is not what I had planned for tonight. I was planning on sleeping under the blue whale in the Museum of Natural History but because of a fire the day before they had to cancel it. Instead I spent a good hour whinging, having a nice nap to recover from said whinging followed by overly salted ramen at Hide-Chan. I had a shower and got into my pjs and then I had one of those indecisive “should I stay or should I go” moments which ended with me sniffling on the subway as I finished “If I Stay”, standing next to some sketchy taxi cabs and walking under the bridge where the drug deals go down just to stand inside Van Cortlandt Park to see 2 meteors out of an entire shower.

With my neck straining to look up at the stars it made me long for the deserts, mountains and beaches where I could be falling asleep under the blanket of the stars.

We can kiss who we want.
We can sing what we want.


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