just eat and eat and eat

When I asked my cousin what she wanted to do, she said she wanted to eat. So that is what we have done.

We started off with brunch at Maison Premiere, happy hour $1 oysters are hard to beat. We tried a few different ones and even though I’m not a huge oyster fan I did enjoy the Malpeque oysters.

We didn’t walk far before heading to La Superior for tacos and even though I’m not a vegetarian the Rajas (poblano peppers, onion and mushrooms) was fantastic, closely followed by the Camaron el chipotle (shrimp with chipotle sauce).

We let all that food digest a bit by walking around the Artists and Flea market where I found the Squishy Marshmallow stand. I tried one of each kind just because I could. Banana Pudding and the Peanut Butter and Jelly flavours were so good!

We finished off the night with miso ramen at Totto Ramen. Which is so worth it on a rainy night to have that delicious broth. We went to the one on the East side which has a much shorter wait time than the one of the West side.

And then there was Pinkberry for dessert. Because the dessert stomach always has room for pomegranate and pina colada frozen yoghurt.


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